A Quick guide of tourism and tours in Leticia Amazonas

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Leticia Amazonas is a paradise in the middle of the Amazon. Our city is located right in the middle of Iquitos (Peru) and Manaus (Brasil) on the Amazon river. Leticia is less turistic than Iquitos (Peru) or Manaus (Brasil), we have local indigenous communities, beautiful jungle and amazing Amazon river tributaries for adventure activities. Here is a quick guide you can follow, and information about tours in Leticia Amazonas.

What is to come to the Amazon?

Visiting and taking a tour in the Amazon is an opportunity to be in nature, breath 100% pure air, share, have a cultural exchange with local natives, and enjoy the way of living of local people in the middle of the jungle. The Amazon is not just about wildlife spotting, Spotting animals in the Amazon is not like Africa. It is more complicated than you expect. We always recommend to have a good life journey enjoying the nature, activities, and meeting new people on a tour in Leticia Amazonas.

How to get to Leticia Amazonas?

We only know that Leticia only has 3 arrivals (Iquitos – Manaus – Bogota). If you are in Iquitos (Peru) or Manaus (Manaus), you can take a slow boat, fast boat or plane. From Bogota, there are only 2 flights every day, and the companies that flight here are LAN and Avianca. There are no road from Bogota to Leticia.

Accomodation in Leticia Amazonas

There are plenty offers in Leticia on accomodation. We always recommend tourist this three accomodation options, if you are comming for a tour in Leticia Amazonas. In our city we have bad internet connection, due that we are located in the middle of the jungle. Please dont be complaining about this.

Hotel Budget: $25,000 COP per person in Leticia Amazonas

Mahatu Jungle Hostel Leticia Amazonas

This is a $25,000 COP hostel with basic accomodation but with a killer infrastucture, lakes, green areas, trees and birds.

Hotel Budget: $65.000 COP per person in Leticia Amazonas

Hotel Villa Palma Leticia Amazonas

New Hotel with a mid budget with ac, private bathroom, wifi and located in the heart of Leticia, just 2 blocks away from downtown.

Hotel Budget: $85,000 per person in Leticia Amazonas

Amazon Bed and Breakfast in Leticia Amazonas

This is a well known Hotel that has good service, jacuzzi, wifi, located just 5 minutes away from downtown, helpful staff and highly recommended if you are looking for a good hotel.

Attractions and getting around Leticia Amazonas

Leticia is a fantastic city surrounded with lots of adventure, and activities to do. You can do activities and tours such as:

  • Tree climbing and Zip lining
  • Visit local native communities
  • Cultural exchange learning the use of coca and tabacco
  • Amazon river cruises
  • Visit monkey island
  • Kayaking in Yahuarcaca Lake
  • Visit Tabatinga (Brasil)
  • Visit local museums in Leticia Amazonas
  • Trek in Amazonian Jungle
  • See the Parakeet’s arrival at Santander Park
  • Night safaris in Amazonian Jungle
  • Good night life

If you want to have a more detail information, i recommend you to visit here for more information on tours in Leticia Amazonas.

Transportation or how to move around Leticia Amazonas

In Leticia Amazonas, there are 4 diffent options for movilization. Be aware that the only authorized and secure are taxis.

  • Mototaxi: People use their bikes as a transportation service, prices will go from $1,500 COP around Leticia, and $2,000 COP or more to the kilometers. Be aware that they are not authorized by law, and some of the mototaxi’s dont have insurance.
  • Tuk Tuk: This is a cheap option to move around the city. Prices goes $3,000 for 3 pax, and $2,000 if you are solo. From 10:00 PM the prices are $5,000 COP. Be aware that they are not authorized by law, and some of the mototaxi’s dont have insurance.
  • Taxis: This option have a price of $4,000 COP around Leticia, and its the only authorized to go to the airport.

Jungle Tours in Leticia Amazonas

The best option to have a life jouney is to take an organized three to five day tour in Leticia Amazonas. My recommendation is to stay out of Leticia, our city is nice and interesting, but there is more action in communities or reserves. Always book tours in Leticia Amazonas with authorized operators.

Here you can see more detail information on tours in Leticia Amazonas.


Jungle trek on a tour in Leticia Amazonas


Native canoeing at an Amazonian tributary.

Cultural exchange with local tikuna community.

Cultural exchange with local tikuna community.

Recommendations on your tour in Leticia Amazonas

Comming to the Amazon have some rules. Following this recommendations on your tour in Leticia Amazonas, will save you problems on your vacation. Always book a tour with an authorized operator, this way you help us eliminate pirate operators.

Here there is a quicklist of things you must bring to your tour in Leticia Amazonas:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Block
  • Bug Repellent (Dont bring high percentage of DEET)
  • Long sleeve light color shirts and pants
  • Long socks
  • Rain cover or jacket
  • Hat
  • Binoculars (Optional)
  • Rubber boots
  • Day back pack (25-20 litters)

Always ask your tour operator to provide you rubber boots, rain cover and life jacket if you are taking a boat. Your safety is really important, ask for your daily health insurance. The company that provides good health insurance in the Amazon is ColAsistencia.

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