Top 10 tips and recommendations for Leticia Amazon Tourists

By on 2015/07/13

Travelling to Leticia Amazonas is an adventure from the beginning. Leticia is the capital of the Colombian Amazon state and it’s the southernmost city from Colombia, it is located on the left bank the Amazon river. Our neighbors are the towns of Tabatinga (Brasil)
and Santa Rosa (Peru). The only way to travel the Amazon is by plane from Bogota or Iquitos and by boat from Iquitos and Manaus. In other words, Leticia is a small city surrounded by the Amazon rainforest with 100% humidity and a hot temperature.

This tips and recommendations are a must do and you must follow them to enjoy your trip.

  • When the Amazon is not your travelling destination. If you are an annoying person, if you are expecting hot towels, if you are expecting slaves to serve you, if you are expecting not to have insects, if you are expecting to eat caviar, if you are a fake person or shitty tourist that are willing to expect a HILTON TOWER or a DUBAI RESORT. Sorry if I am being a little bit not respectful but all this kind of people are the one that are destroying our Amazon.
  • Bring comfortable clothing. Leticia has an average temperature from 24º -35º Celsius every day. During summer the sun is really strong and we recommend to bring comfortable, loose and quick-dry clothes. Long-sleeve and hats are a must.
  • Bug Repellent and Sunscreen at all times. If you are going to the jungle or the river, this will be your best friend. At all times have it in your daily bag and enough quantity for the days you will be at the Amazon.
  • Tap water is not good. Leticia Amazonas doesn’t have a proper water aqueduct, what you get at the hotel are well water. We do not recommend to drink it, normally local people can do it but visitors have a delicate stomach.
  • Always book a tour with a certified travel agency. Certified travel agency are the ones that has all their paperwork and are established. Doing tours with street guides can be really dangerous because you don’t have any insurance and how’s going to be your trip. Nothing will be guaranteed.
  • If you are doing a boat tour, it must have a roof. Being on a boat for long hours can be a nightmare, you will suffer from insolation and sunburns.
  • Jungle treks must be done with rubber boots (Willington’s). The Amazon jungle is 100% muddy and you must have protection for snakes or any insects. Those trekking boots doesn’t work in the Amazon.
  • There are no road or boat from Bogota to Leticia Amazonas. Don’t get fooled, there are no road or boat connection from Bogota to Leticia Amazonas.
  • Always have medication for nauseas, diarrhea, and motion sickness. On an Amazon tour, you will be on boats for several hours and try different cuisine with lots of different spices.
  • Get prepare for the Amazon. Ok, we don’t have any Hilton tower or any 5 star luxurious hotel in the middle of the jungle. If you are coming to the Amazon, you are going to encounter normal accommodations on the roughest environment. We always try to have the best service but remember that we are in the middle of the jungle without connection.

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