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My tour in Leticia Amazonas and surroundings is a mix of Culture – My Village – Jungle – Lakes – Native Communities – Adventure – Wildlife and all what you can experience about the Amazon.

This is a fast information about my tour in Leticia Amazonas but if you need a more detail information please click here

Where does my tour take place?

I live in a paradise that my father’s help to organize and colonize called Puerto Nariño in the aticoya region. Law does not allow us to have cars or motorcycles… it is a paradise and I am also a king here.

Our Leticia Amazonas Jungle tour starting and finishing schedules

We only offer 4 day or 3 Day tour in the Colombian Amazon Basin. We can start tour at any day and this are our three different starting schedules:

  • 7:00 Am

Ending the four day schedules:

  • 5 pm

Our Leticia Amazonas jungle tour itineraries

I spent with my staff more than 3 year designing and opening new routes every 6 months. The result is a mixture between Culture, Jungle, Nature, Wildlife and Adventure.

Please be aware that activities might change order with climate changes such as heavy big rains. Also, full moon nights can affect night activities such as animals hiding more.

Day 1 – Arrival and Puerto Narino
  • We will be picking you up at the airport, take you to my office to organize equipment
  • Typical lunch at a local restaurant. Vegetarian option available
  • Transfer on a public boat to my hometown. (Around 2 hours)
  • As you arrive, we will organize hotel and right away activities.
    • We can do a jungle trek and finishing with a night safari
    • We can do boat activities to spot dolphins and finishing with a night safari
  • Typical dinner
  • Accommodation on my family hotel at Puerto Narino.

For the second and third day, we design two different (Flooded Jungle and Non Flooded Jungle) activities that can be arrange order deppending on the weather conditions. This two fun activities can be done at any day order.

Non-Flooded Areas (Altitude Jungle)

  • Breakfast at 8:00 am. Can be a vegetarian option.
  • Jungle trek activity on the back from my town, possibility to spot monkeys and other wild life.
  • Arrival to my finca so we can have a delicious lunch
  • Visit my pond aquarium so you can spot fishes, the lotus flower and can have a 30 minute siesta at our hammock palace.
  • Jungle trek activity to go back to my town
  • Boat activity and visit our town viewing tower.
  • Typical Dinner
  • Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian Dance Lesson 🙂
  • Accomodation on beds at my family hotel.

Flooded Areas (Varzeas – Lot of boat activities from February til late may)

  • Breakfast at 8:00 Am. Can be a vegetarian option
  • Boat activity to spot dolphins and other wildlife such as sloths and monkeys
  • Navigation thru flooded jungle or walking.
  • Piranha fishing (not good from mid february til late may)
  • Typical Lunch
  • Jungle treks to spot the biggest tree in the Amazon Ceiba.
  • Swimming and boat activities at the lake
  • Typical Dinner
  • Night safari looking for caymans. This activity might change if it rains or if its full moon.
  • Accomodation on a Tikuna hut. Please note that the accommodation in the Tikuna community is basic with 2 bedrooms, 1 multiple and shared bathroom. Maximum is like 6 people for the only one cabin we have. All on beds with mosquito net

4th day – Last Day

Here we can go back to leticia deppending on your flight schedules but if you have time we can be doing activites til the boat transfer to Leticia. It always going to be a busy day doing activities. Our schedules are 9 am or 1 pm at Leticia.

Prices and payment method

I group my tours up to 4 people per group (like 2 couples but all on private beds). Each group will be given a private translator and native guide. If you are a group of more than 5 people then you will be totally private.

  • 1 pax: 1.600.000 per persona
  • 2 Pax: 1.250.000 per persona
  • 3 pax: 1.200.000 per persona
  • 4 pax or more: 1.150.000 per persona

Prices are in cash but if you pay with credit card i have to add 50.000 pesos per persona, its what the bank charges here for the bank transfer.

What is included?

This includes the 3 nights accommodation, 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), water, tours, translator if needed, coffee (with breakfast) and fruit juices (with lunch and dinner). Alcohol you will need to pay for separately.

Why does the translator is not local?

Tourism is just new in Colombia, I mean like more tourist than normal in the last years. We really were not prepared that lots of non spanish speakers foreigners where going to come so nobody or barely someone speak english in Leticia Amazonas. I can count with my fingers who speaks english in Leticia and sorroundings.

Now with more visitors in Leticia Amazonas, I get cool volunteers who help my guides to translate and at the same time they are teaching english to them. After one year, one of my guide speaks english and the others are studying hard learning.

Understanding the Colombian Amazon

People, our history haven’t been really cool. Since slavery, destruction, animal trafficking, ngo, land invasion, excesive huntig, Pablo Escobar and other staff I think we are getting recover. Our Amazonas is a big zoo but I dont have animals in a jail. Climate changes, full moon, people using deet 100% or making lot of noise can be more difficult to spot animals but we spent lot of time while we are not working to find the spots. Some animals are just difficult to spot such as a manatee, jaguar or anaconda.

From February to late May is all flooded in ome area which we will do lot of boat activity. From later July is all dry and we can do trekking on the flooded area.

Lot of people don’t know but in 80s in the Amazon the drug empire from Pablo Escobar was done in the Amazon and I know all the histories. If you want to know more at dinner i can tell you the history.

What to bring to Leticia Amazonas?

Sun screen, mosquito repellant (with DEET), trekking snacks, 4 Long sleeve Tshits/Shirts, 2 Long trousers, 2 shorts, 4 socks, a head light or torch and a hat. We’ll give you boots and a poncho. You can bring you phone and camera but make sure you have a case to keep them dry if it rains

Payment on arrival in Leticia Amazonas.

If you are ready, you can book my tour thru this link

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