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Traveling to the Amazon is not to stay at a 5 star hotel, pool, sun and having cocktails. Sometimes, people come from far distances and their time it's more valuable than gold. I always recommend …

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Traveling to the Amazon is not to stay at a 5 star hotel, pool, sun and having cocktails. Sometimes, people come from far distances and their time it’s more valuable than gold. I always recommend to have a real, authentic and unique experience in local communities because it’s a different perspective of life and thinking.

For more than 3 years, I have been an English Speaking Tour Guide in Leticia Amazonas, working with 3 different native communities in the “Trapecio Amazonico” and taking care more than 200 tourist since I started. They all had different likes, perspectives, requirements and fulfilling their desires or needs to a %120 percent.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before visiting the capital of Colombian Amazon Basin.

Adventure jungle trek in a tikuna’s community

1. Leticia is the safest city in Colombia.

Don’t worry, Don’t be afraid. Leticia Amazonas is an island surrounded by jungle and it’s too difficult to scape. We don’t suffer from arm robbery, assaults and we don’t have favelas like Rio.

My recommendations is never leave your belongings unattended in public areas, buses, or taxis. Specially, if you are taking a tour in native communities, natural reserves or tourist attractions never leave or forget your camera, travel equipment and other electronic devices.

2. Bug repellent, rain cover and sun screen is a MUST in your hands at all times.

Mosquitos, sun and rain are serious. At all times have your bug repellent, rain cover and sun screen in your hands because you never know when you need it. You are the one responsible for getting bites, sun burn or wet in the Amazon.

3. Book a tour with a legal and authorize travel agency or tour operator

Avoid a bad experience in the Amazon, I worry about you having a good time to remember all your life. Most of Leticia’s Tour Operator are on travelers websites such as Tripadvisor, the purpose is to have a good service and good comments so we worry about having top of the line service.

Don’t take tours with street local guides, they don’t have any guaranteed on their service and like to rob tourist offering services they never can achieve.

4. Try local Amazonian dishes

Don’t pretend to eat a hamburguer in Leticia Amazonas. We are rich in good varieties of fishes so you can try them in different preparations. We live in a Three Border Region in which you can try the best of Peruvian, Brasilian and Colombia dishes.

5. Visit local communities

This is the main point comming to the Amazon. Our city is not a big metropolis or even the most exotic city in the world but there are several indigenous communities that are really amazing and unique.


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