Netflix Series and Movies you should watch before travelling to Amazonas

By on 2020/02/01

Amazonas is one the biggest state from Colombia, also is a region fully cover by rivers, indigenous tribes, jungle, amazing landscapes and lots of cultural heritage.

Netflix as been the leading platform for streaming worldwide, in the last year they have been doing productions in Colombia and adding different movies to their catalog. Right now there are 2 movies and two series produced in the Amazonas.

If you are travelling to Leticia Amazonas, we highly recommend you to watch this series and movies so you can have a picture from our region.

Green Frontier (Serie)

Green Frontier follows the story of a “young detective and her partner who travel deep into the Amazon, on the border of Brazil and Colombia, to investigate a series of bizarre murders. They soon realize that there’s more intrigue to the jungle than the homicides, as they come across a mysterious indigenous tribe with an extraordinary secret that they will go to great lengths to protect.”

Secret Amazon (Serie)

An investigative reporter explores the hidden world of illegal activities in the Amazon jungle, from cocaine production to mahogany harvesting.

The Embrace of the serpent (Movie)

Tracking two parallel odysseys through the Amazon three decades apart, this visionary adventure epic from Colombian director Ciro Guerra offers a heart-rending depiction of colonialism laying waste to indigenous culture.

Sendero de la Anaconda (Movie)

Almost 50 years after shaking hands for the very first time, the writer and explorer Wade Davis, author of the book The River, and anthropologist Martín Von Hildebrand, who has devoted his life to protecting the Amazon, meet again to carry out a trip up the rivers and paths that were traveled earlier by the legendary botanist Richard Evans Schultes. “The Path of the Anaconda” narrates the memories and reflections about the jungle, but also the final effort to save the northern Amazon forest from destruction, establishing an ecological corridor that connects the Andes Mountains with the Atlantic Ocean throughout eight countries.

Magia Salvaje (Movie)

A film that smashed all box office records upon its release in Colombia, Wild Magic is a stunningly-shot documentary focusing on Colombia’s remarkable biodiversity. With quite breathtaking sequences of hummingbirds in flight, hunting jaguars, and condors soaring over Andean peaks, this film is sure to get you excited about exploring Colombia’s amazing natural diversity. And the unique footage of the ‘Lost World’ that is Chiribiquete National Park is worth the run-time alone.

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