Guide on choosing the right hostel in Leticia Amazonas

By on 2014/10/08

Leticia Amazonas is located in the last southern border of Colombia. It offers a variety of options deppending on your budget and what you are looking for. Hostels are the most concurrent option for backpackers comming to Leticia, if you have low budget the average price is $25,000 COP or $13 USD.

Our city has more than 3 different hostels with different accomodation. They all have fans, dorm rooms up to 8 beds, some have green areas, and others just an old house transform into a hostel. At night in the Amazon is always breezy, so unless you’re a polar bear a room with a fan will probably suffice. For privacy and romantic scenes, there are low budget hotels in Leticia that can work out.

Recommended hostels in Leticia

1. Mahatu Guesthouse

Mahatu is one of the pionners and first hostel in Leticia Amazonas. This is a paradise in the middle of Leticia. Green areas, palm trees, pool, wifi, restaurant, lakes, trees, birds and multiple dorm rooms. For $25,000 a night you will be on a resort or a cheap version of Decameron (Colombian Hotel Chain). They speak english and dutch.

  • Address: Calle 7 No. 01-40 Leticia Amazonas
  • Phone Number: 3115391265
  • Website:
  • Host: Gustavo Rene
  • Price: $25,000
Mahatu Jungle Hostel Leticia Amazonas

Mahatu Guest House in Leticia.

2. La Jangada Hostel

This is a well known hostel in Leticia Amazonas. It’s a beautiful family house located on the hearth of the city, wifi service, tours, and everything is near. The host is Herve Neukomm who navigate all the Amazon River from Coca (Ecuador) up to Belem (Brasil) on his boat. They speak dutch, german, french and spanish.

  • Address: Carrera 9, No 8-106
  • Phone Number: 311 498 54 47
  • Website:
  • Host: Herve Neukomm and Alejandra.
  • Price: $25,000
La Jangada Hostel Leticia Amazonas

La Jangada Hostel in Leticia Amazonas

3. Apaporis Hostal

Apaporis hostel is new in Leticia Amazonas. The owner is Elizabeth, an Nacional University teacher now in the hostel businness. The place is located just 1 block away from downtown on a family house. It has dorm rooms, private bedrooms, patio, restaurant and bike rental. Elizabeth is really helpful to her guest even though she doesnt speak english.

  • Address: Carrera 10 #6-17
  • Phone Number: 3118865996
  • Website:
  • Host: Elizabeth
  • Price: $25,000
Apaporis Hostel Leticia

Apaporis Hostel in Leticia Amazonas

4. Fernando Real Hotel

If you are travelling with your couple, then I will recommend you this hotel if you want more privacy. The price is $50,000 for 2 pax and it has private bathroom, tv, fan, room service and its located right in downtow.

  • Address: Cra.9 No. 8 – 80
  • Phone Number: (8) 5927593 / 5927362
  • Website: N/A

Hotel Fernando Real in Leticia Amazonas

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