How to kill and get rid off mosquitoes in the Amazon

By on 2013/09/11

Mosquitoes are included in the trip. It’s really impossible to ask your tour operator or guide to make them go away, they will be really happy to see you but there are some tips to get rid off or kill them.

You will learn an ancient native technique so you don’t have to worry about them.

Don’t panic and enjoy your trip.

How to get rid off mosquitoes in the Amazon

You will love this easy ancient technique, it’s not difficult and don’t need any fast movement. Mosquitoes are really smart and specially the one’s from the Amazon, they are little Einsteins.

Follow these rules:

Never kill mosquitos with your spread hand

Never kill a mosquito with your spread hand. It will produce wind, mosquitoes will get alert and fly away.

Kill a mosquito with your finger

Kill a mosquito with your finger, that way you wont produce wind and have a 80% chance. 

It’s really simple and a kid’s can do it. The next time you come to the Amazon, they won’t bother you anymore. In some ancient natives, they will eat them to show other mosquitoes humans are on top of the food chain so mosquitoes go away.

How do natives or tribes deal with mosquitoes in the Amazon

The jungle provides different bug repellents, one of the most useful are the “Arrieras Ants”, they have a delicious and weird odor. If you are on the jungle, ask where is an Arriera Ant panal and do the procedure that is shown in the next video.

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