Guide on hooking and meeting Colombian woman on your trip

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Learn the techniques of hooking up and meeting Colombian woman. Colombia has one of the most beautiful woman in South America. They are charm, lovely, sweethearths, friendly and out going. I am a tour guide on the Colombian Amazon, and i have been hearing a lot of funny stories of tourist meeting girls in Colombia. Some of them succeed and some failed, that’s why i decided to write this basic guide on understanding and meeting Colombian woman. This guide on meeting Colombian woman, will be divided like this:

  • Friendly doesnt mean prostitute
  • Understanding Colombian woman
  • Don’t dress like a homeless and take a bath
  • Learn few spanish words
  • Take some dance lessons
  • Don’t be a pussy, approach her
  • Choosing the right one
  • Casanovas or Ladies Man get kill in Colombia
  • Get her phone number
  • Man pays the bill
  • Watch out, there are women with antenna’s
  • Act like a normal person
  • Getting laid in Colombia

Friendly doesn’t mean prostitute

Colombian women are known as friendly, outgoing and nice woman. Don’t get confused thinking she is a prostitute, lots of foreigners get confused and get punch on the first day. They wont be like I dont talk to strangers, but if you come with a perverted talking, it will be a bad idea. We always recommend to make girl friends on your trip; they love to go out, party and going to a bar for a beer or dance. Don’t get confused.

Understanding a Colombian woman

Some really like foreigners, you know tall, body fit, green eyes, speaking different languages and people who travel a lot. This doesn’t mean you are going to have the AXE effect, women are not going to jump up to you. They dont like difficult man, dont act like Sean Connery or the only man on earth. They love to have a funny person but not a clown and at least know how to dance or move.

Most of Colombian women are college graduate, at least be one or say a lie. If you have masters, phd or all this titles are a plus. They dont like broke fuckers, at least share a bear or a drink. Dont be like, I cannot buy a bear because I won’t eat the next day. If you are going to a bar, its not just to see people… buy something and you will get something.

Dont dress like a homeless and take a bath

Dressing with broken and really old shirts, shoes or pant is not a good idea. Most of you guys are from Europe, bring that fashion styles and dress like a model. Careful, don’t dress too gay. On night clubs, the fashion is really important.

Make sure you shave, brush your air, spray some perfume and took a bath. In Colombia, we have an idea that lots of Europeans countries dont take a bath (hahaha its funny and especially france). Smell good or dont go to a night club. Dont be “Ese Gringo Huele Horrible – That Gringo smell like a skunk” on a night club. If you did a tour dont forget to take a bath and then go to a night club.

Learn few spanish words

The mayority of Colombian girls, dont speak english. Dont expect she will understand your language, at least learn some basic words such as:

  • Quieres bailar? – Do you want to dance?
  • Quieres tomar algo? – Do you want to drink something?
  • Como te llamas? – What is your name?
  • Quieres comer algo? – Do you want to eat something?
  • Nos vemos mañana? – Can we meet up tomorrow?
  • Vamos a la playa? – Do you want to go to the beach?
  • Cuantos años tienes? – How old are you?
  • Tienes novio? – Do you have a boyfriend?

If you really dont speak a word of spanish, try to find a person to translate or hand language. The less you speak spanish, the less you are going to hook.

Take some dance lesssons

The more you dance, the more you will get. Please dont go to a night club and dance salsa or electronic music like this:

For a Colombian Girl, that will be an insult. She will be embarrased in front of hundreds of people on a night club, so make sure you took some dance lessons. On each city you go, there are dance studios specialized on foreigners and we recommend you to go, its really interesting. In Colombia, we grew with a mentality that if you dont dance, you wont find a wife so make sure you know a little bit of steps.

If you are a professional hard dance style, jump style and all those styles. Just keep it at home or youtube, dont even try to embarrased yourself on a night club.

There is a new salsa dancing going on called Salsa Choke, make sure you learn some steps.

Don’t be a pussy, approach her

Are you Expecting a woman going up to you at a night club? Men you are out of this world. In Colombia, women love to get approach and have lots of attention. If you are a cold person, this is not a good technique. The majority of women that goes with their girl friends to night club, like to seet down on the bar and wait until they get ask to dance. If you went up to a women and she didnt accept the dance invitation, dont try it again. Don’t go up to her and act like Sean Connery or you are the last man on earth, that won’t even work.

Choosing the right one

It’s not about going to any women and trying to hook her up. As I said, don’t act like Sean Connery pretending that you are the last man on earth and a Papi Chulo. In order to know which one is the right one is by the eye contact game. If you are on a night club, and realize that a woman is looking at you at all times and having a smile, that means she is the one. Don’t be a pussy, approach her slowly and dont act like a perverted or a Sex face. Invite her for a drink, chat a little bit and lots of dancing. If you follow this rule, you will have the world in your hands.

Casanovas or Ladies Man get kill in Colombia

Sean connery was smart enough to know when a woman is with her man. Dont make this stupid mistake or you will get fucking hurt. If you see a woman with her boyfriend, dont bring the Romeo or I am the Ladies Man out. Dorks and people who havent read this, gets on problems not following this recommendation.

Avoid groups of woman with their male friends because they wont like you hooking their girls. Always ask if you are meeting a Colombian woman ¿Do you have boyfriend? or you will get on serious problems. Lots of woman like to deny their boyfriend, always look around if a male is looking at you the whole time.

Get her phone number – You must have the Whatsapp App

In Colombia, whatsapp is a popular chatting app and most of the people have it. If you like a girl and want to have a little bit more, I would recommend you to grab her phone number. If you see that the first night you wont get nothing, the phone number is going to be your savior. Don’t expect she is going to call you. We always recommend people to text her, ask her to go out, invite her for a movie or any plan. She is not going to be behind your ass.

Man pays the bill

Sean connery always had money on his pockets, don’t expect Colombian woman are going to pay the bill. The rule here is “You Invite, You will Pay”. This is cultural and there is no half and half system at the beginning. If you are on a bar meeting woman, buy some beers and act at least if you have money in your pockets. Dont have money for a beer? dont even go out, woman are not willing to buy you beers even if you are a Leonardo Dicaprio.

Watch out, there are women with antenna’s

Drunk travellers always end up at night with them. It already happen to Stew and can happen to you.

If you are drunk, go back to the hostel. There are a lot of woman with antennas looking crazy tourist for an adventure. At night, drunk and crazy everything is beautiful.

Act like a normal person

Maybe you are having an image that as soon as you step in Colombia, you will be Sean Connery. Axe effect are only in TV ads, dont expect all the woman are going to be looking for you. If you have an opportunity to talk or go out with a Colombian Woman, dont have a SEX FACE. Be normal, invite her to go out, eat something and results may come. People that act like a perverted can get hurt or go to jail easily.

Getting laid with a Colombian Woman

Ok, so you are already talking with her, dancing, sharing a good time, little bit of kisses and touching. Don’t ruin it saying “Lets go and have sex – Lets fuck”. Colombian woman dont like to be too direct, they will instantly say no. Try to make it casual like “Lets go and finish this in another place” (Dont say motel), just try to make her understand that you want to go to a place where you can be alone but not with a sex intention, well you know that will happen but dont make it too obviosly.

No, its no. Dont get hurt or go to jail. If a woman say no, you have to respect her decision.

In conclution

Have fun on your trip and remember that Colombia it’s not HIV excluded. Protect your self.

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