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By on 2013/12/29

Amazonas Leticia is such an interesting city in the most remote corner of Colombia and  where you could find exiting adventures in the jungle. Visiting Leticia Amazonas, is an opportunity to experience a natural life full of warming people willing to show you the best of our region.

I am a local tour guide and I have been creating for the past 2 years authentic and exotic tours in the Colombian Amazon Basin. These selection of tours is a mixture of adventura, Amazon River Crusier, Intercultural Exchanges with local indigenous communities and jungle hiking’s.

Top recommended local tours in Leticia Amazonas

  • The Coke Journey (Cultural Exchange with local Bora and Uitoto Communities): Have an exiting day sharing with local Bora and Uitoto communities in their local Malocas, seeing their rituals, customs and making Mambe (Toasted leaves mixed with ashes of Yarumo leaves), get to know the importance of coke and tobacco in their daily life, visit Brazilian native reserve to do hiking in the jungle and try the most delicious local Amazonian dishes.
    Starts: 8:00 Am to 7:00 Pm
    Price: $75 USD per person (Min 2 pax)
Native indigenous Bora making Mambe (Coke)

Native indigenous Bora making Mambe (Coke)

  • Sacred indigenous city Eware (Visit local tikuna community): Experience a journey on a sacred native indigenous Tikuna’s tribe. This tour will take you to a remote place where their first language is Tikuna and haven’t lost their tradition and rituals. You will have the opportunity to see their dances, handcraft shop, visit local Chacras (Plantations),  try the most delicious native dishes, swing in the Yahuarcaca stream and hike on jungle.
    Starts: 8:00 Am to 7:00 Pm
    Price: $80 USD per person (Min 2 pax)
Cultural exchange with local tikuna community.

Cultural exchange with local tikuna community.

These local tours I organize, if you are willing to reserve please email me at: or contact me to my cellphone in Colombia: 3132651778.

I can organize a taylor made tour for your trip.

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About Sergio Rojas

I am a local tour guide in Leticia Amazonas. I work with several native communities organizing community based tours so natives can get involve in tourism. My tours will be held on the most remote and exotic places in the Colombian Amazon Basin with the best standards. My Personal Site, Google+, Facebook & Twitter.