Aguaje, the amazonian exotic fruit that makes men become gay

By on 2019/05/29

The Amazon is characterized by its lush vegetation that includes a large number of native fruits with great properties beneficial to health. There is a fruit called Aguaje, which has been stigmatized by the locals because if you eat in large quantities “Aguaje” you become gay, because this fruit contains many female hormones that can change sexual orientation.

The fruit of the aguaje comes from the moriche palms, which are found in the tropical region of South America. Pronounced “Ah – gua – heno”, the fruit is described as a miraculous fruit for women because of its content of “phytohormones” that mimic estrogen hormones. It is the most concentrated source of vitamin A or beta-carotene, as it contains up to 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots.

The most valuable thing about Aguaje is its fruit, because it is rich in phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals that improve the internal and external health of our body, skin and hair.

Aguaje Properties

Due to the presence of sitosterol, they can be precursors of female hormones of the progestin type. Because of this, many companies market water capsules with the hopeful phrases to increase breast size, lose the hairiness of the skin and increase female beauty. However, this is not supported by scientific studies.

It can help with the symptoms of menopause, osteoporosis, estrogen deficiency, as it possesses female hormones such as phytoestrogens, which is why many attribute to Aguaje the beauty and exuberance of women in the Amazonian jungle, who consume it regularly.

The Reality of the Myth that Makes Men Gay

Consuming this fruit does not affect the male consumer at all, as it does not alter their hormone levels, since phytohormones are only recognized by specific hormone receptors abundant in female tissues, but quite scarce in male sex.

Benefits of Aguaje

1.-Body Modeler by the presence of “sitoserol”, giving you a hormonal balance increasing the size of the breasts, losing the hairiness of the skin and the brightness in your hair.

2. Menopause, osteoporosis, estrogen deficiency: The hormones in the water are similar to phytoestrogens, the consumption of water together with a good diet helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause.

3.-Regulation of sexual characteristics: Works as an antioxidant, fortifying the skin by the presence of significant amounts of vitamin E.

4.-Increase of the libido giving you more pleasure during the sexual relations, avoiding the vaginal dryness and the lack of sexual desire.

5.-Prevent hair loss by helping you to have strength and shine, reducing body hair.

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