2 Days Jungle and Indigenous Community Tour in Leticia Amazonas

By on 2014/02/01

Enjoy an amazing adventure with rituals, jungle treks, canoeing, lakes and sharing with local indigenous people.  Eware Tikuna Community is located just 1 hour away from Leticia, an isolated spot with jungle, creeks and lot of activities to do.

This tour change activities and entrance while High Water and Low Water seasons.

Tour Map

Map of Tikuna Trail Tour in Leticia Amazonas

 Tour Itinerary

This tour will start at 2 pm, from Leticia Amazon Port. I will be your tour English speaking guide.

High Water Season (Feb to Jun)

1st Day 

  • Leticia’s Port meet up or in hotel you are staying
  • Boat transportation to the community in the Yahuarcaca Stream
  • Amazing view just like in movies on flooded jungle
  • Arrival to the indigenous tribe
  • Meet up with the elders and curaca (chief)
  • Learn the process of making farinha
  • Typical lunch
  • Native canoeing or natural trek in jungle
  • Handcraft workshop
  • Local dinner
  • Night Ritual with the tribe
  • Sleep at our native house with bed and mosquito net

2nd – Day

  • Breakfast
  • Natural Trek or Native Canoeing in the Yahuarkaka stream
  • Go to local Chagras (Plantations) and learn their ancestral native ways of cultivating
  • Native lunch
  • Natural Trek to do Dosel and Canopy (tree climbing)
  • Return to Leticia Amazonas

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About Sergio Rojas

I am a local tour guide in Leticia Amazonas. I work with several native communities organizing community based tours so natives can get involve in tourism. My tours will be held on the most remote and exotic places in the Colombian Amazon Basin with the best standards. My Personal Site, Google+, Facebook & Twitter.