Get to Santa Rosa from Leticia (Colombia) or Tabatinga (Brasil)

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Santa Rosa is a small island just in front of Leticia Amazonas and easy to get over there.  It became well known because it’s one of the most important port in the triple frontier region (Colombia – Peru – Brasil). Without Santa Rosa, Leticia and Tabatinga Brasil would have really expensive potatoes, onions, pastas, etc.

Even thou it’s small island, in Santa Rosa you will do your Peruvian Visa and where fast boat’s and ferry’s go to Iquitos.

Santa Rosa Amazonas Island

Santa Rosa Amazonas Island

How to get to Santa Rosa from Leticia Amazonas or Tabatinga?

It’s really simple, you have to go to the Leticia’s “Malecon Turistico” (Be careful, the port it’s only for cargo and Malecon turistico it’s for public fluvial transportation). There will be lots of people offering you the transportation on a wooded boat to Santa Rosa.

If you are in Tabatinga, ask a ground transportation service to take you to the fera. From La Fera, you can take a peque peque or boat ride to Santa Rosa Island (Peru).

The price is $3,000 and my best recommendation is to ask for a life jacket. There’s a guy named “Beleño” or his boat name is “Babuji”, ask for him because he can take you with a good service and a clean boat.

Remember that Santa Rosa Ferry’s going to Iquitos depart at 8:00 PM. Leticia’s port is closed at 6:00 pm so come early.

Where is immigration’s office in Santa Rosa?

It’s located just in front of Brisas del Amazonas restaurant. Not difficult to find and if you need any help ask in spanish “Donde esta imigracion” to the people, they will help you.

More detail information on getting your immigration paper work, click here.


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