Spots with Killer View of Parakeet’s Arrival in Leticia Amazonas

By on 2013/09/18

Everyday at 5:30, there is an special activity you cannot miss in Leticia Amazonas. For more than 30 years, thousands of parakeets and swallows (only summer season) arrive to the Santander Park’s trees and it’s the only place in the world to occur.

Church at Parque Santander

Church at Parque Santander

Where are the best Spots with Killer View of Parakeet’s Arrival?

My favorite spot to see the parakeet’s arrival and the best view of Leticia Amazonas is the church’s bell tower.  The price to get in is $3,000 but you have to go early (4:40 PM) because at 5:00 PM, they close the office.

The other spot is the church sidewalk, they have some stairs where you can seat and enjoy the show. My recommendation it’s to go early (4:40 PM) because it gets crowded.

There is a local bar called MOSH, it’s located on a corner and it’s really good to enjoy the arrival drinking a cold Aguila Beer.

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