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Leticia Amazonas is a city located in the middle of the jungle and is the capital of the Colombian Amazonas State. As tourism increase more than 40% due to the ending of the war, we …

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Leticia Amazonas is a city located in the middle of the jungle and is the capital of the Colombian Amazonas State. As tourism increase more than 40% due to the ending of the war, we didnt got prepare for only english speaking tourism and thats why is really important the volunteers now in the Amazon.

As tourism grew after the peace treatment with the Farc, Colombia became a hot spot for foreigners travelers. Every year more people come to visit our country but English is now a big problem. We didn’t got prepare and now we urgently need volunteers to translate Spanish to English or Spanish to German.

Leticia Amazonas and the Three borders

AmazonsJungleTours.com – Who we are

We are a family tour operator in Leticia Amazonas, we do amazing 4 day to 3 day tour experience in the middle of the jungle. Our company is rated #1 in tripadvisor and we aim to be the best tour operator in the Amazonas. Our tourism is 100% based on community tourism creating new jobs in the remote areas of our region.

What is the volunteer role?

Your primary role will be translating Spanish to English for tours ranging from 2 to 4 days. However, in reality you will act as a kind of tour rep – collecting guests from the pier on arrival, checking them into the hotel, escorting them to and from dinner etc. You will be the main point of contact for your tour group during their stay in Puerto Nariño.

How many volunteer can we host?

We can host up to 5 volunteers

Accomodation and food

We provide a private room with shared bathroom and 3 meals per day (breakfast – lunch – dinner).

The majority of translators will be accommodated in a private room within a shared house owned by Sergio in the centre of Puerto Nariño. If the house is full, translators will be accommodated in a hotel until a room becomes available.  Accommodation includes a shared bathroom and laundry service.

What is the job?

Mainly we do is 4 or 3 day trips in which you have to translate the tours and be with the native guide. Our tour info you can find it here www.amazonasjungletours.com

What to expect volunteering?

Expect the unexpected! At Amazonas Jungle Tours, every tour is different. Activities can change due to the weather or unusual events. We ask you to be flexible but don’t worry, we are here to make sure you see as much as possible! We always try to include the following activities:

  1. Guided walk through the jungle (day)
  2. Guided walk through the jungle (night)
  3. Visit to indigenous village
  4. Overnight stay in indigenous village
  5. Indigenous community activities
  6. Flora explanation
  7. Dolphin watching by boat
  8. Monkey Spotting
  9. Kayaking
  10. Bird Watching
  11. Piranha fishing (season dependent)
  12. Night boat trip to look for Caymans (small alligators)
  13. Kayaking at lakes, flooded jungle and rivers
  14. Walk to Mirador and visit local museum

Leticia Amazonas Tour Itineraries

The format for the tours often varies but in gernral, the following plan is used:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Recommendationfrom previous volunteers

Our local guides are all Spanish speakers and we have to translate in english for the visitors

If you want to submit application please send email at amazonasjungletours@gmail.com

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