Leticia Amazonas, is the capital of the Colombian Amazon bordering Tabatinga Brasil and Santa Rosa Peru. We have two different access from Iquitos Peru, by plane or boat. The most used transportation for getting to Leticia is by ferries, it takes more than 4 days and you will sleep on hammocks. These type of transportation are all inclusive.

We also have fast or speed boat service, they only depart five days a week from Iquitos (Peru) to Leticia (Colombia). It takes 13 hours, the boat is comfortable, has bathroom and all inclusive (meals).

The only two boats that come to Santa Rosa (Peru) from Iquitos are Transtur and Golfinho.

Note: Remember that they will arrive to Santa Rosa Peru (5 Minutes away from Leticia by boat transportation).

Golfinho speed boat from Iquitos - Santa Rosa - Iquitos.

Golfinho speed boat from Iquitos – Santa Rosa – Iquitos.

Iquitos – Leticia Fast or Speed Boat Schedule and Departure Days


It leaves from the El Huequito on Wednesday-Fridays-Sundays at 5:00 AM. It takes 13 Hours to Santa Rosa (Peru).


It leaves from the El Huequito on Tuesdays-Thursdays-Saturdays. It takes 13 Hours to Santa Rosa (Peru).

El Huequito Port

El Huequito Port

Iquitos – Leticia Speed or Fast Boat Prices

The price per person is R$200 all inclusive. It will cover lunch. The two companies have the same price.

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