The Amazon River and its tributaries have a huge amount of fish and a variety of species in the world. Leticia, which is the capital of the Colombian Amazon Basin, has a unique place where you can taste the best charcoal grill fish in the entire Amazon.

The world knows that Hitler is dead but in Leticia Amazonas there is a normal guy who’s nickname is “Hitler” (don’t know the reason but he is not a serial killer) that prepares the best fish you could ever try in Leticia.

Best Grill Fish in Leticia Amazonas

Hitler, Mary and the best grill Amazonian fish in Leticia Amazonas

Everyday he goes at 3:00 PM with his wife “Mary” to the same place for about 10 years. Since that time, they have been positioning their businness as the best grill fish in Leticia Amazonas. This is the only place where you can find a delicious, fresh and well cook Amazonian fish.

The prices goes for about $5,000 up to $12,000.

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Where to find “Hitler and Mary Grill Amazonian Fish”?

Its located on the corner of Anaconda Hotel or in front of Tio Tom’s Bar. He is the only street vendor in that corner.

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