Leticia, is the gateway to the Colombian Amazon. It’s a small city comparing to Iquitos and Manaus but much better, secure, less touristic, with several potential and exotic places. Taking a day trip is perfect if you have small budget or you don’t like to take an escorted or organized tour. There are several places to sleep in Leticia and my recommendation is to stay at Mahatu GuestHouse, its an amazing hostel with lake and lots of resting and green areas. Day trips are ideal for people that wants a comfortable sleeping with a busy day doing activities in the jungle, tribes or the river.

What to do in Leticia Amazonas

Leticia is a city surrounded by the magic of the river, jungle, history and indigenous tribes. Each item can be done near Leticia with an escorted guide thru your trip, you cannot go to the jungle without a guide or someone that really knows the jungle because you can easily get lost.

Here is a list of few activities to do in Leticia Amazonas:

Recommendations for your trip to Leticia Amazonas

We love that your trip in Leticia Amazonas is a lifetime journey in this magical region, we don’t have any security problem at our city but be aware with local pirate tourism agents in the city. There is a crew that likes to take down on tourist on the streets trying to sell you fake tours or really bad organize in the Javari Region, remember that in the Javari Region there are no police or army enforcement so anything can happen to you.

This crew is always on a motorcycle looking for backpackers, they will go up to you and hesitate with their tours. They speak English and are really into selling their fake or bad products, their service is not guaranteed nor even with standard security. Ask in your hostel about their service before booking a tour.

The worst part is that they like to have money in advance and then disappear for a week. Don’t be a fool and don’t get fool with their tourism service.

Things you need for your day trip in Leticia Amazonas

There are a few important things you must have for your day trips. Having this equipment, you can enjoy better your daily trip in Leticia.

Daily Trips in Leticia Amazonas you must take


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