Puerto Narino, is a small village surrounded by jungle, river, communities and is an ecological paradise in Colombia. The only way to travel to the village is by boat from Leticia Amazonas, from the beginning you will be able to observe that immense Amazon River and surrounded by jungle. In our village, we have the Amazon River, Loretoyacu River, Tarapoto Lakes, Fauna, jungle, communities and many activities to do during your stay.

High Water Season in the Amazon

The high water season begins in February and ends at the end of June. In this season, the Amazon River and its tributaries rise more than 15 meters, flooding all areas of Varzeas (floodable areas or low river level). Here we can have the opportunity to sail through the jungle, glamp in hammocks and visit different lakes.

High Water Season. Flooded Jungle
High Water Season. Flooded Jungle

Hammock Glamping over flooded jungle

Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is a type of experience-based trip that allows guests to go out and enjoy nature, but without the hassle of traditional camping. In Puerto Nariño, we have floodable rainforest and create a stage for camping on renacos trees. The renacos trees have strong and abundant roots where you can hook hammocks and rest after a long day of kayaking.

The company www.amazonasjungletours.com carries out these activities.

Recommendations for this activity

We always recommend this activity after a long day of kayaking, bird watching, pink dolphins or trips in floodable jungle.

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