How to travel from Leticia to Iquitos on the New Ferry Boat Transportation

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Leticia Amazonas, is a city between the fluvial highway from Iquitos Peru to Manaus Brasil. Lots of domestic and international travellers use this water road to move around this region for businness or travel pleausure.
As a result of this route by the years got more popular, the goverment decide to invest on a more secure transportation system.

The 'Amazonas I' ferry. Boat transportation from Iquitos - Leticia - Amazonas
The ‘Amazonas I’ ferry. Boat transportation from Iquitos – Leticia – Amazonas

The ‘Amazonas I’ ferry will travel 480 km of the Amazon River from Iquitos making stops in the towns of Indiana, Pebas, San Pablo, Caballococha and Santa Rosa. It will be able to carry up to 296 passangers.

The first floor will have dozens of seats – with television system, kiosk, toilets, tables and administrative offices. On the second floor there will be a VIP lounge for those users who wish to transport themselves with all the comforts.

The boat ride will take around 13 hours each way.

Ferry boat price from Iquitos – Leticia – Iquitos

The price for boat ticket to Iquitos or Leticia will be 80$ Soles for domestic travellers (Peruvians) and 220$ Soles for international travellers. International travellers will be on the VIP AREA second floor for that price.

Price updated March 2019

Amazon Ferry’s VIP AREA

Ferry Boat departure schedule from Iquitos to Leticia

It leaves from the El Huequito (Iquitos, Peru) on Tuesdays-Thursdays-Saturdays. It takes 13 Hours to Santa Rosa (Peru).

Please be advice in which time the offices require you to be at the dock.

El Huequito Port

Ferry Boat departure schedule from Leticia to Iquitos

The ferry departures from Santa Rosa (Peru) which is across the river on an island. We highly recomend to be in Santa Rosa so you do not miss the boat. 

The departure is on Wednesday – Friday – Sundays but you have to be a day before at 10 P.M. on the ferry dock. 

Boat ride to Santa rosa from Leticia is $3.000 per persona.

The ferry is always park for departure in front of Leticia.

Buying your ferry tickets from Iquitos to Leticia Amazonas

Transtur is the official ferry operator and their address in Iquitos is: 
Antonio Raimondi 384, Iquitos 16002, Perú
Teléfono: +51 65 231278

Buying your ferry tickets from Leticia to Iquitos Peru

Transtur is the official ferry operator and their address in Tabatinga is: 
Rua Marechal Mallet, 287 – São Francisco, Tabatinga – AM, 69640-000, Brasil

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