Amazonian Food You MUST TRY in Leticia Amazonas

By on 2013/09/06

Leticia Amazonas is a paradise in Colombia. I wrote a article about Leticia being the most safest city in Colombia but among other things which make Leticia more special it’s three borders (Peru – Colombia – Brasil). This makes a mixture of typical, native gastronomy and a new type called Amazonian Food.

Please, don’t come to Leticia to eat a $7,000 COP budget meal, at least try one of our best Amazonian dishes. We have a fish diet because soil is not recommended for live stock and beef is quite expensive. Visiting Leticia is to try a Ceviche, Patarashca de Pescado, Cecina con Tacacho, Casabe Pizza, Chicharron de Pirarucu or a meat filled Mojojoy Worm.

Mojojoy worm

Mojojoy worm, one of the most exotic dish in Leticia Amazonas

Amazonian cuisine you MUST TRY in Leticia Amazonas

In Leticia Amazonas, you could find exotic meals from $8,000 COP up to $60,000 COP. Here is a list that i have made with Amazonian dishes you must try while you are staying in Leticia.

Arroz Chaufa
Arroz Chaufa rice Peru

Peruvian Chaufa Rice



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