Amazing Places to Have Dinner in Leticia Amazonas

By on 2015/07/13

Leticia Amazonas is the southernmost city in Colombia, with an aprox of 30,000 people and a strong influence of Brasil and Peru (Our two neighbor countries). For the last 10 years, Leticia’s has grown and this resulted on new gastronomic proposals, redefining amazonian flavors, and experimenting new recipes.

On this article I will include the best options to have dinner in Leticia:

  • El Santo Angel 

This is a well known restaurant specialized in pastas and pizzas. They came up with an amazonian proposal of Yuca (Casava) crust pizzas with different toppings. The blend with this kind of crust is really delicious and this is a MUST TRY dish in town.

Average Price: $8,000 – $10,000 (Personal size Casava Pizza)
Address: Carrera 10 # 11-119 (At Matis Building)
Restaurant Hours: 3 pm – 7 pm – Everyday except Mondays

Santo Angel Leticia Amazonas

Santo Angel Leticia Amazonas

  •  Punto Lounge

Operated by his owner and chef Camilo Bedoya, has been building a famous reputation for having the best grilled restaurant in town. In Leticia, its the best restaurant for beef and has killer burguers. The Maduro con Queso y Salsa Sour its a MUST TRY dish here. The Cocktails here are super good.

Average Price: $14,000 – $19,000 (Burguer)
Address: Calle 5 # 4-70 (Barrio Gaitan)
Restaurant Hours: 5 pm – 11 pm – Tuesdays til Saturdays  – Sundays from 11:00 am til 4 pm


Punto Lounge in Leticia Amazonas

  • Amektiar

The best fast-food restaurant in town. Good quality ingredients and a offering a wide variety of dishes. This restaurant is located in downtown with free WIFI and a good place to chill down in Leticia. The dish you must try here are the Patacones.

Average Price: $7,000 – $30,000
Address: Carrera 9 # 8-15
Restaurant Hours: 3 pm – 7 pm – everyday

  •  La Villa Cafe

La Villa Cafe is a new proposal for hamburgers in town. They came up with a tasty Jack Daniel’s sauce, home made beef burgers and with good quality vegetables. They also speak English and have been building a good reputation for their amazing burgers. I recommend to try the Argentinian Burger.

Average Price: $14,000 – $19,000 (Burguer)
Address: Calle 11 # 9-30 (At Hotel Villa Palma Hotel)
Restaurant Hours: 2 pm – 10 pm – eveyday

La Villa Cafe in Leticia Amazonas

La Villa Cafe in Leticia Amazonas

  •  Hitler Grilled Fish

This is a MUST TRY place to visit in Leticia Amazonas. The owner’s real name it’s Hitler but for the last 20 years he has been grilling the best fish you can have in Leticia Amazonas. He is always with his wife and making sure you have a good time at his place.

Average Price: $7,000 – $14,000 (Burguer)
Address: Corner of Hotel Anaconda
Restaurant Hours: 3 pm – 7 pm – everyday

Hitler Grilled Fish

Hitler Grilled Fish

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