5 Must-Try Restaurants in Leticia Amazonas

By on 2014/01/30

Leticia Amazonas is a small town located on a tri frontier (Colombia-Peru-Brasil) region but big in gastronomy and a local mixture of different flavors. From tasting a fried meat filled Mojojoy or even a traditional Pirarucu Ceviche.

If you come to the Colombian Amazon Basin, must visit these restaurants:

Chagara da Coruga

Chagara da Coruga

Chagara da Coruga

This is a restaurant located just 20 minutes from the kilometer 7 in pure nature. It’s run by a famous local chef and my friend called Raimundo Panduro. They make one of the best “Grilled Piranha with an Amazonian Sauce”. Everything you eat at this restaurant is 100% organic.




Santo Angel Leticia Amazonas

El Santo Angel

El Santo Angel 

We will definitely recommend this restaurant if you want to try one of their famous dish “Cassava Crust Pizza” or Meat Panzarottis. This place is unique with local band playing Fridays and Saturdays. You must try their “Jamaican Flower Lemonade”.




Tucupi Restaurant

Tucupi Restaurant


This restaurant is a contemporary fusion with local Amazonian gastronomy. Their best dishes are the “Muqueados” (Smoking Meat) or “Beiju” (Casabe Tortilla filled with meat). They even offer at special times Mango Lemonade or local fruits such as Copoazu, Araza or Camu Camu Juice.



Hitler's Grilled Fish

Hitler’s Grilled Fish

Hitler and Mary Grilled Fish

Located in front of Hotel Anaconda, Hitler has the best  grilled fish in town and you can find him or his wife from 3 pm up to 7 pm. We will recommend to try a “Catfish” or a “Bocachico” with rice, hot spice and fariña with a “Crush Salpicon”.




Leticia Local Market

Leticia Local Market

New Leticia’s Local Market

Kick start your day with a powerful local breakfast (fried fish or soup) at the New Leticia’s Local Market. There are nearly 3 different small restaurants that can offer you good and budget meals with an amazing view of La Fantasia Island.


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